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The simple things…

May 13, 2012

I love documenting my real life stuff for the kids.  Someday they won’t remember that it was cool to ride on the little wooden rocking horse or that they would fight over who got to ride on it first.  This time, Kaitlyn won out.  She is pretty stubborn and very loud.  lol

sweet kait

This is my life.  I love every minute of it.

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Finally Ready…

February 16, 2012

Yup, I am finally ready to start booking sessions. I cannot wait to see where this new path takes me.

Will you join me?


Happy Birthday pretty girl!!

February 12, 2012

My sweet middle child just turned 4.  She was extremely excited.  Can you tell?  ❥



February 10, 2012

My favorite time of day.  Right when she is waking from her nap.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I have just sat and watched her sleep.  She is so peaceful and precious.  No climbing chairs to get on the table, or pulling all the food out of the pantry(and dumping cereal on the floor).  No antagonizing her sister or pulling at my pant leg saying “up up” as loud as she can.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those things, too.  They are a part of who she is and I love that.  Every little bit.  These moments though are precious to me.  I am so glad I had the thought to capture this.

mr bear
best hand to hold
sleepy girl


February 9, 2012
doll facesilly facechristmas 2011time with grandpafirst dance costumefirst dance costume
first dance costumekalewaitschool_editwaitingforlukegirlsday1_edit2cropkaitpeekbwkiara1vintage
kalekiarajumpkalesplashpadkiaraswingkaleredhairkiaralambwarm winter

smallish, a set on Flickr.

my gallery of children ages 2 and up.

little bits

February 9, 2012
Baby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby K
Baby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby K
Baby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby K
Baby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby KBaby K

little bits, a set on Flickr.

my gallery of images for little bits. Age 0-1 year. Have a look.

Dance like nobody’s watching…

February 9, 2012

Sweet little girl. This year is the first year I have been able to get her into dance. She is so happy to have something for herself. Brother has Soccer and Baseball but so far she has just been on the sidelines. Now she can say that she is center stage. Literally.

first dance costume

first dance costume

first dance costume

Love this little girl!